1. Is there a big difference between 0.5ml and 1ml filler? There is a difference in 0.5ml and 1ml when it comes to filler. 0.5ml will give you a very subtle result however, you can still opt for a very natural look by using 1ml. 1ml of filler will allow our Aesthetician, Bianca, to address the size and shape you desire more easily. If you have never had lip filler, Bianca does usually suggest starting with 1ml, having a top up within 12 weeks to enhance the longevity of the filler. This doesn’t necessarily mean your lips will be double the size if you opt for 1ml as there are different injection techniques that can be applied for a more subtle look or for a bigger lift and pout. 2. What are the key side effects to getting filler? Typical side effects of dermal filler include some redness and swelling, which can sometimes be uneven. Tenderness and bruising can also occur which can take 2 weeks to fully settle. 3. When will I see the results after getting filler? Results from filler are instant, however as swelling is also immediate it can take 2 weeks to fully settle and see your final result. 4. I want to achieve a natural look, is this possible with filler? Our talented Aesthetician, Bianca, can accommodate any request to help you achieve the look you are dreaming of. 5. How long will my filler last and do I need a top up? Depending on the brand of filler, it can last between 6 months and 2 years however this depends on the client’s metabolism and lifestyle. It is recommended to have a top up every 3‑6 months to build your filler and keep your results consistent.


1. How does the non‑surgical rhinoplasty work? Bianca carefully injects dermal filler above and below the ‘bump’ on the nose allowing for ’hooked’ noses to look completely straight. Filler can also be applied to the tip of the nose which can make the nose appear more refined.

2. Does the procedure for non‑surgical rhinoplasty hurt?

Before the procedure, numbing cream is applied, Bianca then uses filler with local anaesthetic, so the area becomes more numb as the procedure takes place.

3. Are there any possible side effects? 
Injection related side effects can occur such as redness, tenderness, swelling and bruising, these usually resolve within a few days. 

4. How long do the results of non‑surgical rhinoplasty last?

Results of non‑surgical rhinoplasty can last as long as 9‑12 months but top ups are required to prolong this and keep the shape you desire. 5. How safe is a non‑surgical nose job? 
Just like any invasive procedure there will always be risks however, Bianca is fully qualified, and complications trained.

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