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Guest Tattoo Artist - Connor Jackson

Q. Tell us about how you got started in the industry. So, I started in college, when I was studying art. I think it was that year that everyone started to get sleeves and everyone wanted to be a tattoo artist and I joined in as well. But I did always like dot work and that style of tattooing. I figured I’d continue with my education and go to a good university, and then when I finished I talked to someone I knew who was already tattooing for some advice on a portfolio. When I met him he ended up giving me an apprenticeship, so I was quite lucky.

Q. How would you like for your work to resonate with people I think it’s fine to have a tattoo that just looks cool, I try to make designs that I think other people will like and things that I think are cool. You know, especially all the surreal work I do. If people can see a design and just like it, they should be able to get it, it doesn’t always need to have a hidden meaning or story behind it.

Q. As someone who has been in the space for some time, what advice would you give to someone who is new or is just entering? I guess, with how it is currently- if you’re to try to come into the space and start tattooing. I would highly recommend having an Instagram dedicated to drawing and also following other artists and being inspired by the people around you. That way you can post your work where people can see it.

Q. What is your favourite tattoo on yourself? I do find it fun when you get a tattoo where only you know the significance of it, those are fun. I have quite a few favourite ones on myself that I like but I think my most favourite one is my most recent tattoo because it was a collaboration on the design with a friend of mine.

Q. What is your favourite podcast? 21st century tattoo, I’m not really a podcast guy but that’s the only podcast I listen to. It’s really good, I listen to it if I’m going somewhere or if I’m tattooing a client that prefers to not have a conversation

Q. Yeah so bouncing off that, do you prefer a client that prefers a conversation or is completely silent? Oh definitely a conversation, I think it goes way quicker if you’re having a conversation. Of course, it depends on what people prefer but it is easier when you do.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote?

Yes, I do actually- I’m going to paraphrase but it’s "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did." I think it is quite inspiring because if you’re inspired to do something you often think oh how can I do that but if you’ve never done it before you have to do something different.

Q. And for you is tattooing that thing? Yeah, it is, even doing guest spots to try and progress and do something I haven’t done before. Even though it’s scary you have to. It’s always really inspiring whenever you come out and see other people- it makes you really want to try and progress and move forward. I think it’s healthy to meet new people so you’re not always in your own little bubble.

Q. What is your 5-year plan for yourself? It would definitely be to have my own studio and on top of that to travel regularly for guest tattoo spots even going abroad. On my current list are Dublin and Australia but in the meantime, I’d like to guest in London more often. I think the good thing about tattooing is that people will like you for what you do so you can do that from anywhere.

Q. How do you think social media has helped your journey? It has helped massively, the studio that I apprenticed in is a private studio so I never had to do a walk-in, from day 1 I have had to push people to come in and see me. So being at a private studio really forced me to focus on social media more,I know it’s annoying but you have to do it.

Q. Who is your dream collaboration Someone I would love to work with is a guy called Nic, his Instagram handle @soyboy. He was a really big inspiration for me when I was starting. I’d love to do a collab with him.

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