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Guest Tattoo Artist - Liggud

Q. Tell us how you got started in the industry. Okay, so I’m a bad example but I used to be an ecommerce manager so I was in a normal office job. My wife got really good at tattooing so we decided to open our own shop and I hate being a part of something without knowing what it’s actually about. One day I thought let me try. They printed a basic design for me and I did it on fake skin and people were telling me ‘Oh you’re actually pretty good’ and I was thinking am I? So from then on, I went into it. I left my job three days before the lockdown so I couldn’t work, I had no other choice but to learn how to tattoo. Luckily I had my wife around all the time to teach me so every single day of lockdown I’d wake up, design a flash, tattoo on fake skin, and then paint the design. I was also posting my flash designs and somehow people started to book in with me. I was never an apprentice but I was always fully booked which I am so grateful for.

Q. How far into learning did you tattoo your first client? So my first client was in between the two lockdowns and it somehow worked out for me and I’m still shocked that people enjoy having sessions with me.

Q. What is your style? I call it minimalistic line work, simple movement- whatever is simple and based on lines I’ll do it.

Q. How would you want your work to resonate with your clients? I leave that up to people. It’s not up to me to decide the meaning, I might have something in mind but if someone has a different interpretation of it I don’t care.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to get into the industry? Work, work hard every single day- it will come but don’t expect it straight away. Be humble and work hard every single day.

Q. Do you have a favourite tattoo on yourself and if so does it have a meaning? There is one that has quite a funny story behind it. I have the duck with a knife and I’m afraid of ducks. My aunt used to have a farm and when I was a kid I was chasing some ducklings. One day there was a massive truck with the back flap open. Near the back, there was some mud and I slipped over and hit my head so it was straight to the hospital to get stitches. From that day on I knew that you can’t trust ducks. But meanings change as you do- you can always find a meaning later on in life.

Q. Do you have a favourite podcast and if so what is it?

Actually yes, there is a podcast ran by Paul George who is an NBA player, and he speaks with other NBA players about their lives outside of the sport. It’s always amazing seeing the athlete outside of their work and who they actually are.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote? Work hard, no one cares. I think it is by a basketball player. Basically just do your stuff.

Q. Who inspires you. There is a guy called Mr. Doodle and he could tell a story with a simple design.I love the simplicty of it, and that inspired me in my work too. I’m also inspired by athletes because of how hard they work and their discipline.

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