Tattoo Trends of 2022

If you are wanting to get a tattoo in 2022 but are still unsure of what to get, there are plenty of trends you can pull inspiration from, whether it be minimalist designs, fine line or finger tattoos. Following a heavy focus on simple floral and astrology ink in 2021, these popular tattoo styles have been carried through to 2022 alongside several others that are predicted to dominate the tattoo industry.

  1. Minimalist Tattoos The idea of minimalist tattoos is that less is more. It is a technique that uses black lines, minimal colour, and aims to simplify the design. The minimalist approach is perfect for those who want a delicate, yet simple tattoo as these pieces don't use shading yet are created with crisp, clean lines.

  2. Continuous Line Tattoos Single line or continuous line tattoos are created using a single, uninterrupted line where the artist represents the most deconstructed and minimal version possible of the subject. Dots or secondary lines can also be added to support the core concept. Popular continuous line tattoos include single stem roses, butterflies, pet portraits and hearts.

  3. Fine Line Tattoos Fine line tattoos are characterised by simple, very thin and delicate lines, usually achieved with a single needle. Artists may sometimes use dot work or slightly stronger lines to give the tattoo some dimension instead of using colours and shading. The fine line style is very popular among clients looking for their first tattoo due to their delicate and discreet aesthetic.

  4. Finger Tattoos Finger tattoos are making a comeback! While these tattoos are smaller than most, they are no less meaningful and can easily be adapted to fit any style. From bold, statement tattoos to tiny and delicate, there is a finger tattoo out there to suit everyone.

  5. Dot Work Tattoos Dot work is a tattooing technique where the artist creates a design with a multitude of dots, rather than using line work or shading. The dots can be used to create either an entire image, such as a mandala, or in a gradient to replicate shading. Popular dot work styles include geometric motifs, mandalas, hand tattoos and flowers.

To book in for a tattoo please email with the following information;

  • Design idea

  • Relevant reference images

  • Placement, including a clear, well-lit photo of the area

  • Approximate size in cm

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