The time has come for your first tattoo, your photo gallery is filled with inspiration but what happens next? To prepare for your first tattoo, our talented artists are going to run you through the process from start to finish, including their top tips along the way to hopefully make your experience less intimidating and more enjoyable. PICK THE RIGHT ARTIST If you haven’t yet selected a tattoo artist, make sure you do your research. Each artist has their own distinct style so it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’ but instead find a style you resonate with. Many artists showcase their talents through Instagram, by following their profile you can gauge their particular style whilst gaining an insight in to who they are as a person; picking someone you can trust and have fun with tends to positively affect your experience and make you love the tattoo even more! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Each tattoo studio will differ in how to make an appointment, here at Debut we don’t take walk‑ins and all enquiries must be emailed to Each email should include; ‑ Reference images ‑ Size (cm) ‑ Placement ‑ A clear well lit photo of the area ‑ Contact details By including all of the above in your first email this will speed up the process of booking you in.

APPOINTMENT PREPARATION Be prepared with reference images on your phone and ready to discuss ideas further in order to achieve a personalised, bespoke first tattoo. Dependent on placement and size, your appointment may mean you are in an unnatural position for a long period of time, so it is important to wear clothing that you are comfortable in and allows easy access to the desired area. Make sure to eat before your appointment, particularly foods containing protein, vitamin C and drink plenty of water; stay away from alcohol priory to appointment as it will dehydrate you and thin your blood which can result in excess bleeding. If you have a long session booked then don’t forget to bring snacks to keep you going throughout the day! 
 ARRIVAL Before arriving to your appointment ensure you have filled out your consent form and have ID ready. Make sure to arrive at your scheduled time to allow the artist time to prepare, clean, set up and avoid overlap with previous clients. DESIGN AND PLACEMENT You will be shown the design which has been mocked up, make the most of this time to work with the artist, be prepared to discuss and make any adjustments to result in a design with a personalised touch. If you are solely getting a small tattoo hoping for less pain this is advised against as the size of the tattoo does not decrease the pain, so don’t let this sway your decisions. The stencil will be placed onto the body where you can further discuss the best placement for you, be mindful that skin is not like paper so dependent on how flat the area is your tattoo may stretch. SITTING FOR THE TATTOO The tattooist will tell you where to sit and once the machine is on try to sit as still as possible, regulate your breathing and they will go along with you. If you feel the need to stretch or want a break just make the tattooist aware, they will much prefer this and understand. Remember that the first part will be the worst, once your natural adrenaline kicks in the pain deteriorates. THATS A WRAP Once your tattoo is complete you will be wrapped with clingfilm and be given aftercare advice including when to remove the clingfilm, how to wash your tattoo and tips with helping the healing process.

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