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A L E X  L L O Y D  T A T T O O

Alex has been tattooing for four and a half years, specialising in black & grey and fine line work. He has a variety of styles focusing on single needle and small tattoos, miniature realism, dot work geometric and pattern work. With impeccable attention to detail, Alex will be able to create complex tattoo designs unique to every client. 

S P E C I A L I S E S  I N: 

Black & Grey, Fine line, Dot work, Geometric, Patternwork, Mandala and Miniature Realism

DAY RATE (10-4): £700

B E E  R A D  T A T T O O

Brad enjoys tattooing all styles and tailors each design to clients specifications while adding his own ideas to create a bespoke piece. He naturally gravitates towards black and grey realism but also enjoys floral and mandala work, incorporating styles including neo-tradtional, Japanese, colour realism, illustrative and trash polka. 

S P E C I A L I S E S  I N: 

Black & Grey Realism, Neo-traditional, Colour Realism and Illustrative 

DAY RATE (10-4): £500


B Y  C H L O E  M A I

Currently training as an apprentice with Alex, keep an eye on our socials for an update on her progress,