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We are a forward-thinking collective founded on trust and a dedication to our craft; re-defining the experience of luxury contemporary treatments. 

Our studios consist of talented and experienced professionals, including: 

  • Tattoo Artists

  • Registered Doctors 

  • PMU Artists

  • Laser Technicians

  • Piercers

  • Lash Artists

  • Brow Artists

  • Clinicians

  • Advanced Skin Technicians

If you share our vision and have the drive to learn and consistently develop, while working in a dynamic, collaborative and support-orientated environment, we would love to hear more from you. 


We're just getting started. It's time to change the game - are you ready to join us?

Please complete the form below, including a link to your work and a little bit about yourself and your professional experience. We look forward to hearing from you.


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