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Do fine line tattoos age quicker than others?

When it comes to fine line tattoos, several misconceptions circle the space, and these often act as a barrier for those who don't have access

to the correct information. One of the most common myths is that fine line tattoos age faster than their bolder line counterparts. Although fine line implies smaller needles and less ink deposited into the skin, it's important to remember that it isn't necessarily the style of tattooing but more often that not, poor application and technique from an artist inexperienced in the style.

Fine line tattooing is a meticulous craft requiring precision and detail. To break it down, artists use thinner needles, lower voltages and smaller amounts of ink. Regardless of style or design an artist must always penetrate all the necessary layers of the skin to create a well healed and therefore long-lasting piece. The fear of going too deep into the skin however often leaves inexperienced tattoo artists airing on the side of caution - ultimately resulting in the ink falling out as the tattoo heals. Achieving the perfect balance of depth and subtlety is a challenge for many, so artists must be equipped with the necessary knowledge; a skilled artist understands the skin's layers and carefully ensures the ink penetrates effectively.

Despite misconceptions, knowledge is constantly evolving and in an ever changing industry, we find that correct information is paramount. There is a wealth of expertise being embraced and shared by artists all over, helping re-imagine the way people see fine line tattoos. Collective growth is crucial for the industry, not only to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to achieve their potential but also that clients experience the very best.


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