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Patchwork - just a trend?

In an ever-changing world influenced by various cultures, ideas and trends, it is no surprise that perspectives shift and attitudes evolve. From fashion and music to art and literature, it seems common that what once wasn't popular or accepted is now welcomed with open arms and vice versa. The tattoo space is no stranger to this. The art of tattooing has been around for years, differing hugely between countries and cultures, from bold lines, block colours and rudimentary shading to fine lines and detailed pieces- what is considered 'trendy' and popular depends on the culture and the times.

This is no different with patchwork tattoos. Contrary to what many may think, patchwork tattoos are not as new as you think, nor are they simply a TikTok or Pinterest trend. While they have certainly been popularised on these platforms, the patchwork style has been around for a while and refers to lots of smaller designs arranged on the body that don't necessarily correlate with each other but tell a story when done correctly. Interestingly, traditional tattooing followed the same pattern, adopting bolder lines and simplistic designs instead of today's more refined styles.

So why are patchwork tattoos becoming so popular again? Culture is changing as we speak; tattoos are more accepted and accessible; it's almost expected to have tattoos, and this will only increasingly become the norm as more people understand the industry and shift their perspective from what was once known. Additionally, the advancement of technology has led to more information being available to those outside the space and the ability for more people to get tattoos and do them well. Companies are pioneering new machines and tattoo-related technology, changing the narrative. Likewise, Debut aims to be a driving force in shifting the perception and reaching those outside the space. Today it's patchwork; tomorrow it may well be something else. What matters is recognising that ideas are expanding and staying one step ahead is critical to success.


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