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Skincare 101

Having perfect, clear skin is a goal for everyone, and we get it: good skin makes you feel confident. But clear skin isn't always the case, especially when it comes to acne (we all go through it), and while it may be frustrating, there is still hope. Over the years, there has been a considerable increase in skin care trends and routines that can be quite confusing; from a 12-step routine to products hyped on social media, it's not always obvious what to do and how to do it. That's why it's essential to realise that skin, like many other things, is subjective- it really depends on your goals and what your skin is like, and that's what these popular routines often seem to miss. While you may not be able to cure acne, it can definitely be controlled, which is why working with a skin specialist to treat your flare-ups, deal with the underlying causes, and control the acne is critical to stay breakout-free for the future!

Luckily, Debut has an in-house skin expert who knows the skin inside out, so here are some tips for acne-prone skin.

- Use cosmeceutical products; these have excellent delivery systems and active ingredients and take your skin to the correct pH level to ensure the products work where they need to.

- Have regular treatments; working alongside a skin specialist ensures maximum results. We can treat the acne, keep it under control and deal with any PIHP and scarring.

- Sleep on a clean pillowcase every night - simple but effective, as pillowcases are breeding grounds for bacteria!

- Stop stripping your skin! Harsh cosmetic products that strip the skin will only impair your skin barrier, causing further inflammation. It's a no from our skin expert, Sophie.

- Moisturise! Maintaining the skin's moisture level is super important, even with acne, so use a nice, light moisturiser.

- Be careful with supplements. Some supplements like biotin, whey protein, and vitamin B6 can worsen acne symptoms; listen to your body when trying any of these.

- Finally, get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and care for your gut health too!


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