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Tattoo aftercare & healing

When it comes to tattoo healing times, people often underestimate how long it actually takes. While a tattoo may appear fully healed within a week or two (wouldn't that be the dream), the skin's actual healing process can take up to six weeks. One essential step of the healing process is hydration; this is because well-moisturised skin promotes faster healing. Additionally, factors such as sleep, diet, protein intake, alcohol consumption and general health play a vital role in healing. You might think that the healing process is exclusive to the tattoo, but how you look after yourself as a whole massively impacts the journey.

During the initial days, ensure you leave the breathable protective film provided by your artist on for 48 hours. Ultimately freshly tattooed skin is susceptible to infection and irritation, so once the film is removed it’s important to keep your new artwork clean by regularly and gently washing it with antibacterial soap. You will need to apply a thin layer of recommended tattoo aftercare balm regularly to your tattoo during the healing process to hydrate the skin, although be careful not to over apply as the skin needs to breathe - 3 or 4 times a day should be enough! While it may be tempting, do your best to refrain from picking, scratching or submerging the tattoo in water for the first two weeks. By understanding and implementing these steps, you can ensure the best healed outcome for your brand new artwork.


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